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Creighton University School of Medicine - Phoenix

Thank you for your interest in the Creighton University School of Medicine-Phoenix Ultrasound Fellowship!

Our Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship is a one-year program designed to train our fellows to be experts in all facets of emergency point-of-care ultrasound, including administration, education, and research. The fellowship is based at two Valleywise Health hospital campuses near the heart of downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The main campus serves as a tertiary level 1 trauma center that houses a 3-year EM residency program, and the secondary campus serves as a freestanding emergency department, both of which align with our mission to provide optimal medical care to all individuals of the valley, with a focus on the underserved.
The fellowship program is affiliated with the Creighton University School of Medicine (Phoenix). The program started in 2010 and we allow 1-2 fellows per academic year. As of 2021, we obtained full accreditation under the Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Accreditation Council (EUFAC). As a result, we allow our fellows to become certified through the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) in advanced EM Ultrasonography via the Focused Practice Designation (FDP) upon graduation.

Participants of the fellowship will work in collaboration with faculty from other disciplines in a environment that fosters education, research, and professional development. Some highlights of this innovative fellowship include:

Proctoring, mentoring, and educating physicians, residents, & medical students from all over Arizona

Designing and implementing clinical research projects & protocols for emergency ultrasonography

Participating in on-going, innovative emergency ultrasound research projects

Teaching and lecturing at regional and national courses

Making advancements in simulation-based ultrasound education & research in collaboration with our renown simulation centers.