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About Us

The Beginning

The Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee was the first Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship training site. In the early 1990s, James Mateer MD trained the first three fellows in what is now termed Clinical Ultrasound: Beth Thomas, MD, Verena Valley, MD, and Mary Beth Phelan, MD. The number of clinical ultrasound fellowship programs exponentially grew to over 100 sites across North America.

SCUF and EUSFellowships

The Society for Clinical Ultrasound Fellowships (SCUF) started as EUSFellowships in 2008. The intention: To support the transparency and quality in fellowships in emergency medicine focusing on clinician performed ultrasound. The organization sought to provide coordination and structure and allow applicants have an opportunity to directly compare program offerings using information posted by each fellowship. Until 2017, EUSFellowships.com provided a standardized electronic application for Emergency Ultrasound Fellowships.

As a non-profit organization SCUF balances the needs of the fellowship community including fellowship programs, fellows and applicants. The mission: To grow the Clinician Performed Ultrasound community, to support collaboration and to foster advanced training through one and two year fellowships.

SCUF Board of Directors


Current: Lindsay Taylor, MD
Elect: Megan Leo, MD
Rob Huang, MD (2022)
Nova Panebianco, MD MPH (2021)
Rachel Liu, BAO MBBCh FACEP FAIUM (2020)
Resa Lewiss, MD (2019)
John Bailitz, MD (2018)
Romolo Gaspari, MD (2014-2017)


Current: Ryan Tucker, MD
Elect: Will Kropf, MD
Past: Kristin Dwyer, MD
Emeritus Past: Pat Hunt, MD MBA FACEP


Current: Andrew Liteplo, MD
Elect: Michael Secko, MD, FACEP, FDP-AEMUS
Past: Petra Duran-Gehring, MD


Di Coneybeare, MD MHPE
Ryan Gibbons, MD
Resa Lewiss, MD
Maya Lin, MD

Representative Councilors

ACEP Chair: Meghan Herbst, MD
ACEP Past Chair: Michael Gottlieb, MD
SAEM AEUS Chair: Petra Duran-Gehring, MD
SAEM AEUS Past Chair: Chris Thom MD RDMS
AAEM Chair: Rebecca Theophanous, MD
AAEM Past Chair: Neha Bhatnagar, MD
P2 President:
P2 Past President:
P2 Incoming President:

Subcommittee Chairs

Match Development

Jeremy Boyd, MD
Arthur Au, MD

Fellowship Development & Accreditation

Sara Damewood, MD
Nova Panebianco, MD MPH

Annual Meeting

2024: Robert Huang, MD
2023: David MacKenzie, MD
2022: Sara Damewood, MD
2019: Srikar Adhikari, MD MS
2019: Elaine Situ-LaCasse, MD
2018: Creagh Boulger, MD