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Yale University

Welcome to the Yale Emergency Ultrasound fellowship site.The ultrasound section was established by Dr. Chris Moore in 2002 and the fellowship in 2003. This is a mature program with the advantages of an all-video review and an emphasis on cardiac applications. Dr. Rachel Liu has assumed the role of fellowship director.

Yale is an excellent environment for teaching and research and offers immense opportunities for collaboration. Yale-New Haven Hospital sees over 100,000 patients per year and has a wide variety of patients including plentiful blunt and penetrating trauma, IV access challenges, ectopic pregnancies, pulmonary emboli, aortic dissections and more! We offer both one and two year options, with two-year graduates obtaining ancillary degrees that focus on research (Masters of Health Science or Masters of Public Health).

In 2019, we opened the fellowship to pediatric EM applicants and have combined teaching between ourselves and pediatric EM faculty (led by Dr. Antonio Riera).