2018 SCUF Conference
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Program Resources


Ultrasound Machines
Philips CX50 and Philips CX30, Sonosite MTurbo, Mindray M7, M9, additional Sonosite M-Turbos (in our STRATUS center for simulation).

Ultrasound Probes
Phased array, curvilinear, linear

Image Recorder
Wireless transmission of studies to hospital PACS viewer.

Educational Resources
Our library and resources include the following:
Emergency Ultrasound (Ma, Mateer, Blaivas)
Practical Guide to Emergency Ultrasound (Cosby, Kendall)
Manual of Emergency & Critical Care Ultrasound (Noble, Nelson, & Sutincgo)
Clinical Emergency Radiology (Fox)
Understanding Ultrasound Physics (Edelman)
The Requisites - Ultrasound, 2nd edition (Middleton, Kurtz, & Hertzberg)
Textbook of Clinical Echocardiography, 3rd Edition (Otto)
Atlas of Echocardiography, 2nd Edition (Solomon)
Essential Echocardiography (Solomon)
Daignostic Ultrasound, 3rd Edition (Rumack, Wilson, Charboneau, & Johnson)
EM Ultrasound - Challenger (DVD)
Blue Phantom Ultrasound Phantoms (endovaginal, vascular access, central venous access, regional anesthesia trainers, DVT, thoracentesis, & paracentesis)

Other Information
Focused curriculum in media production, video editing and educational content development