Hennepin County Medical Center



Welcome to the Hennepin County Medical Center Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship.
The HCMC Emergency Medicine Residency Program was established in 1972, making it the second residency program available in the United States. Our faculty started using bedside emergency ultrasound in 1985, and authored some of the very first publications describing how emergency physicians can use bedside ultrasound to improve patient care. Now, more than 20 years later, our department has a robust emergency ultrasound program with full departmental and institutional support (thanks to our Chief, Joe Clinton, who has always been a strong supporter of emergency ultrasound). We have a total of 12 ultrasound machines in our ED and perform nearly every type of ultrasound exam imaginable.
We have five faculty who are ultrasound experts. Rob Reardon and Scott Joing have numerous ultrasound publications and are editors of the third edition of Ma & Mateer's Emergency Ultrasound textbook (2014). Dave Plummer was one of the first authors and teachers of emergency ultrasound in the United States, and still works full-time in our department. Bill Heegaard in an active member of WINFOCUS and has published several studies on pre-hospital emergency ultrasound. Finally, Andy Laudenbach completed an ultrasound fellowship at NY Methodist Hospital and was hired as a full-time faculty in the summer of 2012.
Our goal is to train fellows who want to pursue an academic career and become leaders in emergency medicine, to continue the legacy that our department started more than 20 years ago.