2018 SCUF Conference
University of Tennessee

Fellowship Position


Length of Fellowship: one year

Salary: $90k+

Additional Funds
full benefits and retirement

Number of Clinical Hours: 80 / month

Other Duties
The fellow will take primary responsibility for the required 4-week PGY-1 EM ultrasound rotation.

The fellow will assist in the education and credentialing of faculty not familiar with ultrasound.

There will be 6 required scanning shifts with residents per month.

Develop and start one ultrasound research project (must present abstract/poster at a national conference)

Perform at least 1000 ultrasounds (over-read with the fellowship director).

Deliver 6 didactic lectures to residents.

Host an ultrasound journal club.

Number of Sites
Erlanger Baroness
Erlanger East
Erlanger North
Erlanger Bledsoe

Number of Positions per year: one

Additional Opportunities
May be asked to participate in one or more local/national or international ultrasound workshops.

Educational Experience
digital image review, ICU ultrasound rounds, vascular lab, echo lab scanning.

Image Review
Weekly review of all ultrasound scans performed in the department (last year was ~2000 scans). Clips reviewed on computer and over-reads documented on a custom excel database.

Deadline for fellowship application: December 1st