2018 SCUF Conference
Yale University

Fellowship Position


Length of Fellowship: 1year, or 2 yrs with earning higher education degree

Salary: $90,000 + benefits for 1 yr candidates

Additional Funds
Generous CME.
Medical license paid.
Funded travel for accepted research.
Dedicated desktop, office space.
Ultrasound budget for books, resources.

Number of Clinical Hours: 18/week, 48 week year.

Other Duties
Scanning shifts (for training, education, and research) 8-10 hour/week.
Video review ~4 hours/ week.
QA feedback to residents, faculty and rotators
Maintaining division website for posting interesting cases.
Involvement in new and ongoing research and publications.
Potential for involvement in teaching training courses (paid).

Number of Sites
Yale-New Haven Adult ED is the primary site.
A portion of shifts will occur at the Yale-New Haven Shoreline Medical Center, a freestanding ED open 24 hours for both adult and pediatric patients. This site also has bedside ultrasound. Yale has recently acquired the Hospital St. Raphael Orchard Street campus, and a portion of shifts will also occur here. We have recently acquired 3 machines for this site.

Number of Positions per year: 1-3

Additional Opportunities
Opportunities for involvement in national organizations and with teaching in courses both regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Educational Experience
Primary experience will be with Drs. Moore, Taylor, and Liu in addition to other attendings at the Yale-New Haven Hospital ED.
Scanning opportunities available in the pediatric ED with Dr. Lei Chen.
Opportunities are available for scanning with our cardiology department and through a private cardiologist.
Besides teaching opportunities with residents, rotating medical students, visiting residents/students, and the medical school anatomy course, integrating ultrasound with the anatomy lab at multiple times throughout the year.

Image Review
All images are dynamic and stored on a server which is integrated with Qpath. We spend ~4 hours/week reviewing studies from the prior week and are currently reviewing ~150-200 exams per week.

Deadline for fellowship application: In accordance with the EUS Fellowships site policy, offers will not take place until November 14th. Application is rolling but submission is encouraged prior to November 1.

Interviews scheduled: Fall, generally on Tuesdays to coincide with image review.

Fellows chosen: By November 14th, 2016

Other Information
Current and Past Fellows:


Jill Crosby, MD (1st yr candidate for MHS)
Residency: University of Wisconsin

Sharmin Kalam, MD
Residency: Wayne State University

Grace Wanjiku, MD (2nd yr candidate for MPH)
Residency: Brown University


Amanda Medoro, MD
Residency: University of Connecticut

Joseph Pare, MD (2nd yr MHS candidate)
Residency: Boston Medical Center

Grace Wanjiku, MD (1st yr MPH candidate)
Residency: Brown University


Michael Kennedy Hall, MD (2nd yr MHS candidate)
Residency: UCSF

Joseph Pare, MD (1st yr MHS candidate)
Residency: Boston Medical Center

Jeffrey Shih, MD
Residency: Mayo Clinic


Drake Coffey, MD
Residency: Penn State University

Michael Kennedy Hall, MD (1st yr MHS candidate)
Residency: University of California San Francisco

James Wagner, MD
Residency: University of Tennessee


Sheeja Thomas MD
Residency: Yale University


Vishal Gupta MD
Residency: Yale University

Rachel Liu MD
Residency: New York Medical College / Metropolitan Hospital Center


Meghan Kelly-Herbst MD
Residency: University of Connecticut

Andrew Taylor MD
Residency: University of Connecticut


Reinier van Tonder MBChB
Residency: Mayo Clinic

Darrell Sutijono MD
Residency: SUNY Downstate/Kings County Hospital


J. Scott Bomann DO, RDMS
Residency: Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center

Edward Tham MD
Residency: SUNY Downstate/Kings County Hospital


Kristin Carmody MD, RDMS
Residency: SUNY Downstate/Kings County Hospital

William Manson MD, RDMS, RDCS
Residency: Emory University


James Hwang MD, RDMS, RDCS
Residency: UC San Diego


Michael Osborne MD
Residency: St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Kristen Lynch MD
Residency: Yale University


David Solomon MD
Residency: Brooklyn Hospital Center


Henry Lin MD, RDMS
Residency: Yale University